What is Hansel & Gretel?
Hansel & Gretel (H&G) is a Childrens' Activity Centre / Play House.  It provides a lot of activities and play
structures suitable for young children.  Parents can stay with their kids or leave them with H&G for a
short period, while they have to go about their activities.  We provide kids a healthy atmosphere to have
fun and learn as they play.

How is this different from a crèche, day-care or play-school?
H&G is a play house. It supports a free-form, flexible, pay-as-you-go service for keeping kids entertained,
physically and mentally.   There is no upfront registration or term fee.  You pay per visit or take long term
passes as per your convenience.

s of 2015 Hansel and Gretel Kids Activity Centre has also started its Playschool for Playgroup and
PreKG. Admissions are currently open. For details please check on the Playschool link in the website.

What benefit will I / my kid(s) get from Hansel and Gretel?
  • Children get to play and have lots of fun.
  • We provide them a variety of stimulating activities from time to time such as reading, story-telling,
    basic math etc.
  • Children can mix / socialize with other kids of their age.
  • Parents can leave their kids with H&G for a few hours while they attend to shopping or other
  • We provide an excellent ambience for hosting kids' parties and special events

Do you have any age restrictions for children?
We normally take kids under 12 yrs of age.  Children below 4 years should be accompanied by one
parent or guardian (their visit will not be charged)

Do you organize parties / events for kids?
Yes. We host birthday parties and special events for kids.  Check with the Front Office for details at

Is there a registration fee?
No.  Hansel and Gretel has no up-front registration fee at this time.

What are your rates?
We offer a variety of packages to suit  your needs: Pay per visit, monthly and other long term passes.  We
also offer many flexible options for birthday parties.  Please check with the front office @ 4

What is the size of the play center?
It occupies about 2000 sq ft. with multiple rooms hosting play structures, board games, library, theater
etc.  About 500 sq ft. of outdoor play area is available for outdoor activities.

What are your hours?
  • We are open all year round.
  • 10 am – 8pm.
  • Please call 43533073 at least one day prior, to check if the center is open on Sundays and Public
  • For Playschool working hours and schedules please call the front desk @43533073

Is Hansel and Gretel  Air-Conditioned?
Yes, all areas except the open terrace are air conditioned.

What kinds of activities are available for children?
Each room in the Hansel & Gretel Play Centre can host one or more specialized activities.  We have:
  • A large play room hosting play structures, cars and other mobile toys
  • A library / reading room with childrens’ books
  • A toys room filled with soft toys, a doll house and other play toys for smaller children
  • A puzzle / board room filled with puzzles, board games and building blocks
  • A mini theater room that can be used for audio/video presentations, movies and story-telling
  • A painting area (with easel) and a ball pen with coloured balls for younger children
  • An outdoor area (carpeted and with a light shelter) hosting slide/swing
  • An air-conditioned hall to host birthday parties or special events.
  • Workshops on  reading, story-telling, public speaking, chess, basic math, arts and crafts etc.

Will my children be safe at Hansel and Gretel?
Absolutely.  We have taken a number of steps to ensure safety and security for your children.
  • Our premises is equipped with full-time security
  • We have signed up with a child specialist who is about 10 minutes away from our site, to provide
    help in case of emergencies.  
  • We carry an on-site emergency kit at all times.
  • The premises is equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke alarm.
  • We ensure that care givers are always around children to attend to their needs
  • We take extra care to ensure that children are picked up only by parents or guardians pre-
    designated for pickup.
  • We have used soft padding, carpeting, wooden flooring and cushions throughout the play area to
    ensure that children do not get hurt.

Who are the people behind Hansel & Gretel and why did they feel a need for such a place?
The people behind Hansel and Gretel have lived abroad for more than a decade and raised children
there.  They have first hand experience with the activities and facilities available at kids' play centers in U.
S and U.K.  

Upon returning to India, they observed that there were few such centers available for kids here. They
wanted a centre that provides a fun, 'learn while you play' atmosphere for children that is free-form
without rigid schedules; something that is not normally found in a creche' or a regular play-school.

Secondly, the need for such kids play centres is on the rise, as parents find very little time to spend with
their children
(Click here for an article on this subject from The Hindu).  In a bustling, cosmopolitan city
like Chennai, there are some very obvious trends that drive this need: Double income households,
nuclear families, extended hours in the office, traffic jams, congested shopping centres and rapid
urbanization leading to overcrowded flats / residential neighborhoods.

Children develop useful social and speaking skills when they mingle with other kids. Activities such as
reading, painting, building puzzles / blocks can bring out hidden talents.
More importantly, parents on
busy schedules do not have to feel guilty anymore.