Report by Shruti Varadarajan (Member, Green Grasslets)

My friends and I, students of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan School, T.Nagar / Nungambakkam  are part of a club
called the Green Grasslets. We began four years ago, and our mission is to protect the environment, fight global
warming, and protect the animals and plants on this planet.  

In January 2011, the Green Grasslets made a visit to Blue Cross of India, situated at Velachery. We saw many stray
and sick animals that were being cared for. We were given a chance to bathe puppies, and we also learnt a lot from
the volunteers at Blue Cross. It was a wonderful experience and also a lot of fun.  We put together some of our
pocket money as well as urged our parents to give us some money and managed
to donate about Rs. 2000 to Blue Cross then.

We found that Blue Cross needed volunteers to help out at the centre. But more importantly, it needed money to
take care of and feed the 1000 animals there.

So we decided to do more. During our summer vacation, we worked at a Children’s Activity Centre called Hansel
and Gretel for 2 months, and we earned money to donate to Blue Cross.  Working with children and shouldering
responsibility was a very new and exciting experience, and we enjoyed helping out at the centre.

We visited Blue Cross again on July 2, 2011 and donated the Rs. 7000 we had earned. We are very grateful to
Hansel and Gretel for giving us the chance to work there.
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