About Us

With a captivating name drawn from the famous fairy tale that is part of every kid's repertoire, Hansel & Gretel Kids
(H & G) stands apart as a play house / kids' activity centre that aims to fulfill every child's dream and every parent's
felt need. Loaded with various kinds of entertainment in an air-conditioned ambience, it is an enchanting play house in
every way, sans the bad witch!  

                       H & G has a delightfully simple motto that says all: ' Where Kids Can Be Kids...'.  
 It is a fun-filled dream house where kids can unleash their imagination and discover themselves at their own pace.  
Special events by experts will be held from time to time in music, arts, reading etc., to enrich the overall learning

Ultimately, H&G is all about building the
three C's in children:  CREATIVITY, CHARACTER and CONFIDENCE
Bring your children to Hansel & Gretel Kids - "the rocking horse place".  You'll be glad you did.
Air conditioned ambience to beat the summer heat. Facilities for birthday parties and kids events. Great for kids to meet new friends and develop social skills. Wifi + Internet connectivity for accompanying parents
Opem terrace with lawn and cover. Safe and secure