Paper Magic
A collection of interesting workshops and activity sessions that help kids explore, get
creative and have fun with paper.  Classes are held on regular
schedules.  Please call 2815 2549 to enroll in the next session.

Collage Craft

The kids will use newspaper clippings, ribbons, coloured paper, art and photographs to
create an artistic collage they will be proud of.


Kids will have fun working with coloured paper to produce a decorative end-product.  
These projects give them a real sense of satisfaction out of making the models as well as
practice at following instructions.

Make your own Greeting cards

Making greeting cards is a wonderful hobby to enjoy with your family and friends. In fact,
card making is becoming more and more popular and it's now a novelty to send handmade
greeting cards.

Make your own greeting cards and mark them

on the back of every one of your handmade cards.