Just a few ground rules...

Please leave all footwear outside Hansel & Gretel.
No food and drink are allowed inside the play area.  Eating / drinking are allowed
only in the areas designated by the staff.

Please do not bring any children who are sick or unwell.

Please refrain from using cell phones inside the play area.  If you must take a
call, please step out to the open terrace.

No still or video camera photography is permitted inside the play area.  If you need to
have any photographs taken, check with the front office.

No toys, books or games from outside are allowed inside the play area.

No children above 12 years of age will be admitted.

Children below 3 years
need to wear diapers.  If your child does not have a diaper,
please ask for one at the front desk.

Children below 4 years need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Management is not responsible for any personal belongings or valuables left
behind. We suggest that you remove them from children before they enter the

Children need to be picked up promptly
by closing time.  Management cannot
take care of children after closing time.

Management reserves the right of refusal of admission to anyone at all times.

All payment is
due at the time of exit from the play area.  We do not maintain  any
accounts for customers.

Our minimum unit of charge is one hour.

Any change of address or phone must be communicated with the management as
soon as possible.

While inside the premises, parents and children should follow safety precautions as
advised by staff.

Normally, only one adult is allowed to accompany a child inside the premises.

No smoking is permitted inside the premises.

No non vegetarian food or alcoholic beverages are permitted in birthday parties.         

Management reserves the right to change rates, schedules and rules at any time.