Questions ???
Is there a registration fee?
No. ?Hansel and Gretel has no up-front registration fee at this time.

What are your rates?
We offer a variety of packages to suit ?your needs: Pay per visit, monthly and other long term passes. ?We also offer
many flexible options for birthday parties. ?Please check with the front office @ 28152549.

What is the size of the play center?
It occupies about 1500 sq ft. with multiple rooms hosting play structures, board games, library, theater etc. ?About
500 sq ft. of open terrace is available for hosting parties and outdoor activities.

What are your hours?
  • We are open all year round.
  • Summer (Till June 15): 10 am ? 8pm. ?After June 15: ?1pm ? 8pm

Is Hansel and Gretel ?Air-Conditioned?
Yes, all areas except the open terrace are air conditioned.

What kinds of activities are available for children?
Each room in the Hansel & Gretel Play Centre can host one or more specialized activities. ?We have:
  • A large play room hosting play structures, cars and other mobile toys
  • A library / reading room with childrens? books
  • A toys room filled with soft toys, a doll house and other play toys for smaller children
  • A puzzle / board room filled with puzzles, board games and building blocks
  • A mini theater room that can be used for audio/video presentations, movies and story-telling sessions
  • A painting area (with easel) and a ball pen with coloured balls for younger children
  • An outdoor area (carpeted and with a light cloth roof shelter) hosting slide/swing and birthday parties.
  • Workshops on ?reading, story-telling, basic math, arts and crafts etc. ?